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It's not uncommon to hear small business owners complaining about their telephone systems. That's because there aren't very many good options out there. But FortiVoice* owners are different. They offer rave reviews of our systems all the time. But don't take our word for it — let them tell you.


*FortiVoice systems were previously sold under our brand TalkSwitch. Some of the quotes below refer to TalkSwitch systems. Same great system, new brand name!



...the most effective business tool I have purchased in the last 10 years. The system and its features have brought credibility to our small business.


Jeff Myers • Upswing



A very simple system. It works, works, works! As advertised; only good surprises! Why spend tens of thousands? Nothing is better.


Jeffrey Brooks • Kinsale Consulting



It has provided a large corporate image on a small budget. With professional recordings of my greetings and personalized call handling, my one-man shop looks like a fortune 500 company!


Barry Levine • United Appraisal Services, L.L.C.



The Auto Attendant and Voicemail feature are great. We love having the ability to forward the calls and messages to the appropriate people, eliminating all the note-taking we had to do before. We spend more time doing our jobs, and at the same time we now receive accurate messages from our customers.


Installation was quick and easy. We have seven extensions here and it took me roughly 45 minutes to set everything up.


The system has more features and does more things than we'll probably get into, and that's the reason we like it. There is so much to TalkSwitch that it's obvious we haven't put it through all the paces yet.


Bryan Pauler • PIP - Players in Progress



By using the system, our start-up costs were greatly reduced and it keeps us in contact with our customers wherever we might be.


This system has made us look bigger than we are, and also keeps us working more efficiently.


By redirecting the savings to marketing, we are able to reach more potential customers and increase sales.


Roland Martinez • Linmar Capital Inc.


...a critical component of the growth of my business!


In addition to providing a professional image commensurate with that which I designed for the company, the VoIP capabilities have allowed me to hire people to which I would not otherwise have access. This functionality has proven eminently useful and has added substantially to my bottom line.


Justin Frape • Telos Solutions



I absolutely love my phone system. It blows away the competition for clearly a fraction ofthe price. The initial set up is quite simple. Installation was a no-brainer. You plug in your line and extensions and you are done.


TalkSwitch is an absolutely excellent product. The unit is loaded with far more features that I would have expected. I also found that I can save $100 a month on my phone bill.


Daniel Holladay • Outa Knoware Intl.



The system is extremely easy to set up and use, and it has more features than anything else we could have gotten in that price range. That's definitely what sold us on it.


The set-up probably took a little over an hour.


The Auto Attendant was one of the major reasons why we got the TalkSwitch. We couldn't find that feature in any other system without having to spend 3 times as much one it. Some of your competitors have the attendant as an add-on feature, but getting it is rather pricey.


Andrew Grubbs • Qualigent Systems Inc.


We are out of the office a lot, so the feature that we liked most was being able to program our cell phones as extensions. If someone calls the office and we're not at our desks, the system then dials our remote numbers. That is the number one feature we needed and the reason why we bought the system.


We like it because it's simple enough that we program it ourselves, without having to pay an integrator.


Keith Sarbaugh • Tarigma Corporation



As technology consultants to the SMB market, we have found TalkSwitch to be the easiest system to show, sell and install for our clients in small offices. The system is appealing for its price and features, and our customers like the ability to make changes themselves. For any business opening a new office, we always offer TalkSwitch as a solution.


Ray Kriegbaum • Ray Kriegbaum & Associates



...saves our employees countless hours per week by allowing them to receive only the calls intended for them. No longer do they have to do the work of an automated system - transferring calls, searching for an open line, shouting across the room to convey messages. The phones don't "ring off the hook" any longer, so the peaceful atmosphere encourages a better work environment.


These factors alone demonstrate how the system has paid for itself.

The software and hardware has been proven reliable, and the support we've received from the company has always been friendly and top notch. We are greatly impressed.


Chad Beardain • Electronic Claim Filing Service (ECFS)



When we opened a new office in another city, we immediately realized that easy and reliable communication with our main office would be critical to our operations.

Customer service has required no major changes, as it continues to be as easy to transfer sales and support phone calls between offices as it was when our company was located under one roof.


Darrin Hansen • Industrial Control Communications Inc.


All in all, it's been a trustworthy business partner - an invisible employee who works day and night.


Thanks for developing a brilliant product that keeps us looking (and sounding) great!


Colin Stone • Telegrams Canada



Since the system is user-programmable and customizable, I can just make all changes over the network and save my settings without having to bring in a technician.


Our company will be doubling in size in the next few months and our phone system will have to accommodate more people. Instead of spending a lot of money on a whole new system, I'll just need to buy a second unit and network it with my old unit.


Richard Ranger • DDES Corporation



Great product! We spend so much time focusing on our logo, website, newsletters and collateral and yet, until now, we had overlooked the experience we delivered when customers call our office.


Steven Green • Poll Stream Inc.



When we first bought the system, we didn't realize we would have the ability to set up remote extensions. We have several employees working from home, and thanks to this feature, we can simply transfer calls to their homes or cell phones without having to ask our customers to remember several phone numbers.

The thing I like best  is the computer-based configuration. The power here goes out frequently, and with our old phone system we had to reprogram everything every time it went down. Now we just load the configuration back up into the file and in a few minutes we are ready to go.


Jason Van Behren • VBA Consulting Group




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