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How do I access my voicemail remotely?

  1. Call your FortiVoice system. The auto attendant answers.
  2. Press ** and your extension number.
    If your call is answered by a local extension, the person who answered can transfer you to your voice mailbox by pressing ** and your extension number.

How do I clear the password for my voice mailbox? 

  1. Open the FortiVoice management software, select Tools > Voicemail Manager > Delete Mailbox Password. The Delete Password window appears.
  2. Select the mailbox from the pulldown menu, then click the OK button.

Why can't I get pager or remote phone notification to work properly?

Ensure you have programmed the correct phone numbers for the pager or remote phone in the FortiVoice management software under Extensions and Voicemail > Local Extensions/Fax Voicemail tab > Notification Settings.

In order to avoid multiple notifications, the system notifies you only of the first new message left in your voicemail box. You can change the setting to notify on every new message under Extensions and Voicemail > Voicemail Preferences section of the FortiVoice management software.

How do I get blank messages?

If someone reaches your voice mailbox then hangs up, FortiVoice removes the silence from the message, but not the disconnect noise.

To remove hang up messages:

  1. Open the FortiVoice management software, select Extensions and Voicemail > Voicemail Preferences.
  2. Under the Mailbox Setting section, check the box for Remove blank and hang up messages. The Only remove messages shorter than:option becomes available.
  3. Select a value of 2.50 secs (or less). Note that if you set this value too high, legitimately short messages may get deleted.

Why do callers hear "leaving a message is unavailable at this time"?

The unit's voicemail memory may be full. Check the voicemail capacity via the FortiVoice management software under Tools > Voicemail Manager > Mailbox Status. If the voicemail capacity appears to have enough time to leave a message, reboot the FortiVoice unit (power it off, then back on). If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact Technical Support.

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