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What is rollover?

Rollover (Hunt) is a phone company feature that allows calls to be forwarded to another line if the first line is busy. Most businesses with two or more lines subscribe to the rollover service so that only one phone number needs to be published for customers. You should configure all FortiVoice lines that are part of the rollover group to answer in the same fashion. This feature is located in the Lines and Greetings > Telephone Lines > Telephone Company Services section.

What are line hunt groups?

A line hunt group allows you to access an outside line. By default, FortiVoice uses line hunt group 9, which checks all of the lines. You can modify this hunt group and set up other hunt groups in the FortiVoice management software on the Line Hunt Groups page.

Why do both my line lights flash simultaneously during incoming calls when I only have one line?

This will occur if phone lines are not wired correctly. We suggest using single-line phone cable (two-wire cable) to connect FortiVoice to your lines. Connect the single-line phone cord between the unit and the phone jack and see if the problem persists. To check if a cord is single-line or two-line cord, look at a jack on either end of the cord. If there are two gold pins, it's a single-line cord. If there are four gold pins, it's a two-line cord.

Why aren't calls being answered according to my configuration?

Ensure the correct phone line is plugged into the line port on your FortiVoice unit that you have set a particular configuration for.

Phone the number that you want associated with that configuration and watch the line lights on the FortiVoice unit to confirm which port the line is plugged into.

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