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Why are the top 2 LED lights flashing Red/Orange?

The phone is not correctly registered with the FortiVoice system. This commonly occurs with external IP extensions if the correct ports are not open in the firewall. Go to the IP Configuration section in the FortiVoice management software and run the Check Firewall test. If errors occur, ensure they are resolved.

Ensure the phone has the correct public IP address for the FortiVoice system. If using an FQDN, try inputting the FortiVoice unit’s current public IP address.

Why does my phone display the date and time as "Jan 1, 2001" when connected on my LAN?

The phone could not find the FortiVoice on the network. This may occur if a switch or router is blocking multi-cast packets. Try connecting the phone to the same switch as the FortiVoice system, or go into the phone’s on-screen menu, enter the private IP address of your FortiVoice unit. Save and reboot your phone for the changes to take effect.

TS-350i TS-550i: Menu > Phone Settings > Firmware Update > TFTP Server Address

What should I do when my TS-850i/TS-860i handsets read: "Searching for Gateway"?

If this happens intermittently, the handset is just searching for a DECT channel. If the message is always present, the handset is out of range from the base or there is a registration problem.

It takes approximately 2 minutes to register handsets to the base after the base has been powered up or reset. A base will only allow handsets to register for 5 minutes. In order to re-synchronize a phone to the base, you must press the reset button on the back of the base, and then, on the handset, select System settings > Handset settings > Deregister handset. This will automatically deregister the handset from its base and resynchronize it to the base you have just reset.

What do I do if my TS-850i/TS-860i handset registration failed?

Verify that the handset is in range of the base. Move the handset closer to the base, place it in the charger, and reset the base.

If it still won't register, press the reset button on the back of the base, and then, from the handset, select System settings > Handset settings > Deregister handset. Place the handset in the cradle to restart the registration process. 

How do I install multiple bases and TS-850i/TS-860i handsets?

One at a time. Configure the first base and its phones as shown in the phone's user guide. Wait five minutes to allow the handsets to register to the correct base station and end the registration period for that base. Repeat the process for additional bases.


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