Configuring holiday mode

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  1. Select the Scheduling page in the FortiVoice management software.
  2. Select the Enable holiday mode checkbox. The window enables the Settings button.
  3. Click Settings. The Holiday Settings window appears. The calendar shows the current date in green.


  4. Select your country in the pull-down menu, and click Populate. The calendar will show your country's statutory holidays in grey.
  5. Using the calendar, click the date of the holiday. The date is added to the Selected Dates area, and the calendar shows the date in blue. Click a date again to remove it.
  6. Repeat step 6 until all required holidays have been added.
  7. Select the mode in the Use the following call cascade settings for Holiday Mode. Choices are Mode 1 and Mode 2. This setting determines whether extensions will use their Mode 1 or Mode 2 call cascades during Holiday Mode.


Configure Holiday Mode call handling settings


  1. Select either the Telephone Lines or VoIP Numbers page in the FortiVoice management software, depending upon your line type.
  2. Select the Holiday Mode tab under the Call Handling section of the page.


  3. Select the call handling action.
  4. If you selected go to auto attendant, select the auto attendant you wish to play in Holiday mode.
  5. If you selected go to voicemail, select the voice mailbox.
  6. Select when the system will perform call handling. Choices are:
    • immediately - The system will immediately perform call handling without using the ring sequence. Selecting immediately will disable the Edit button and other ring sequence controls.
    • after 1 ring to after 9 rings - The system will follow the ring sequence first, and then perform call handling if no one answers.


Information concerning setting up auto attendants or general voice mailboxes can be found in the



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