Auto Attendants

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I have a receptionist, why set an auto attendant?

Auto attendants can answer calls and give callers options when your receptionist is away, on another call or doesn't answer within a specified period. Calls can't follow an extension's Call Cascade sequence until an auto attendant has answered or the caller has been manually transferred.

How long can an auto attendant message be?

Five minutes.

How do I record and listen to my auto attendants?

  1. Pick up a local extension handset and dial # from an analogue phone or *55 from an IP phone. If required, enter the administrator password followed by #.
  2. Dial 41 followed by # to record auto attendant one. The second digit is the number of the auto attendant you want to record.
  3. At the tone, record your message.
  4. Press # when you have finished recording.
  5. To play the message, dial 51 followed by #. The second digit is the number of the auto attendant.
  6. If you're satisfied with the recording, hang up. To re-record the message, start again at step 2.

What is the .WAV file format?

This is a format of audio that you can import into the FortiVoice system. These files have the extension .wav. The format is 8000 Hz, 8-Bit, Mono, µ-law.

Can I record greetings on my computer?

Yes, as long as you are able to generate .WAV files. If you don't have an application that can create .WAV files, you can use a free program called Audacity. For complete instructions to record FortiVoice greetings in Audacity, please read Recording messages for FortiVoice .

How do I load a pre-recorded greeting?

  1. Open the FortiVoice management software to the Auto Attendants page.
  2. Click the Load Greeting button.
  3. The Select Wav File window displays. Files as type .wav is the default format.
  4. Click the Browse button to find your file.

Why do I have so many auto attendants?

The 20 different auto attendants allow you to use a different auto attendant for each line, different auto attendants during Mode 1 and Mode 2 and multiple levels of auto attendant.

How do I add auto attendants? 

  1. Open the FortiVoice management software to the Auto Attendants page.
  2. Select the auto attendant you want to configure.
  3. Label and configure the actions the way you want them.
  4. Record or load a greeting. See the questions above or the FortiVoice User Guide.
  5. Go to the Telephone Lines page and select a line.
  6. In the Call Handling section Mode 1 tab, select go to auto attendant from the Routing option pull-down menu.
  7. Select the auto attendant you have configured and recorded.
  8. Choose the number of rings before the auto attendant answers.
  9. Save settings to FortiVoice.

How do I loop or repeat an auto attendant message?

  1. Open the FortiVoice management software.
  2. Click on the Auto Attendants page.
  3. Select the auto attendant you wish to loop. You now have two options:
  • In one of the pull-down menus in the Action column, select play auto attendant. In the Resource pull-down menu, select the same auto attendant as the one you're configuring. You can advise callers in your recording to press the corresponding digit to listen to the auto attendant again.
  • Configure the If no selection has been made... option to play the same auto attendant.

A call will be looped through the auto attendant greetings 10 times before the system disconnects. This prevents FortiVoice from staying in an endless loop.

How many times can I loop through an auto attendant?


How do I set up a company listing or directory of my extensions and employees?

Set up the Dial-by-name directory.

  1. Record an auto attendant informing callers to press 4 for the company directory.
  2. Open the FortiVoice management software to the Auto Attendants page.
  3. Select the auto attendant.
  4. In the pull-down menu of caller option 4, select lookup name directory.

The last names of the employees you want listed in the directory must be configured under Local Extensions/Fax and/or Remote Extensions. The employees must have their names recorded in their voice mailboxes.

What if an employee isn't in the directory?

Verify that the name is recorded. For example, if the employee is located at extension 113:

  1. Dial **113.
  2. Enter the password followed by #.
  3. Press 4 and follow the system prompts.

Why are calls being answered by a generic auto attendant message? 

To ensure that you can access the system remotely even if you don't have an auto attendant recorded. FortiVoice will answer calls after 15 rings with the generic auto attendant so you can dial extensions, access voicemail or configure call back settings. 

What if the wrong auto attendant is being played on my lines? 

  1. Call your own number to see which line light flashes on your FortiVoice unit. This indicates the line the call is coming in on.
  2. Open the FortiVoice management software to the Telephone Lines page.
  • Check the line in the Call Handling section to see which auto attendant is set to answer calls. Adjust as necessary.

Why are calls not being answered by FortiVoice?

Call your own number and watch the line lights on your FortiVoice unit.

If a call comes in on Line 1 and your Line 2 light starts to flash after 4 rings, your phone company Call Forwarding could be interfering with FortiVoice. If your calls are getting routed to Line 2 by the phone company before FortiVoice can answer them, the system will consider it a new call.

There are two possible solutions:

  • Cancel Call Forwarding with the phone company.
  • Set the number of rings before the FortiVoice auto attendant answers to 2 or less.

Why is FortiVoice disconnecting callers?

You may not have an auto attendant recorded to answer the line. Verify an auto attendant recording:

  1. Open the FortiVoice management software to the Telephone Lines page.
  2. Click on a line to see which auto attendant is set to answer in the Routing option.
  3. Click Tools > Memory Usage. The window displays the length of each auto attendant. If the auto attendant configured to answer that line indicates 0, there is no recording. Record or load a greeting. See the questions above or the FortiVoice User Guide.

Why are calls going to my phone company voicemail instead of being answered by FortiVoice? 

There could be two reasons:

  • If the line is busy and you don't have the hunt/rollover service from the phone company.
  • If calls are ringing and then going to voicemail, FortiVoice is set to answer after too many rings.

Decrease the number of rings before the auto attendant answers or increase the number of rings before your phone company voicemail picks up.

Why do I hear a tone when listening to an auto attendant recording? 

FortiVoice cuts the last 1/2 second of a recording to eliminate the tone generated by pressing #. Some phones emit a longer DTMF tone. You can eliminate the tone by re-recording the greeting and hanging up rather than pressing # at the end.

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