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What is an announcement?

Announcements play information to callers, such as your location or hours of operation. When an announcement is finished, the FortiVoice system hangs up.

Announcements are voice mailboxes that don't take messages. You can make any voice mailbox an announcement, and you can set auto attendant options that send callers to announcements. You can record announcements from extensions or load pre-recorded announcements. 


How do I set up an announcement?

  1. In the FortiVoice management software, go to the General Voice Mailboxes page. Select a voice mailbox. It can be local, remote or general.
  2. Check the box to activate.
  3. Click the Load Greeting button and load an announcement, or record the announcement from the appropriate extension.
  4. Check the Play announcement only checkbox.
  5. Save the configuration to FortiVoice.

To set up an auto attendant option that sends callers to an announcement:

  1. On the Auto Attendants page of the FortiVoice management software, select the desired auto attendant.
  2. In the Action pulldown menu next to the desired number, select play announcement.
  3. In the Resource pulldown menu, select the voice mailbox with the announcement you want.



How long can an announcement be? 
Up to five minutes.


How do callers get out of an announcement? 
By pressing * or 0 (9 in some regions) during the announcement. Pressing * returns them to the auto attendant. You can configure the 0 (9 in some regions) option for that voice mailbox to direct callers to an auto attendant, local extension or voice mailbox.


Can callers dial extensions during an announcement? 


How can I prevent callers from being disconnected at the end of an announcement? 
Advise callers in the announcement that they can press * (or 0 or 9 if you have configured an option) at the end of the announcement. Leave about 5 seconds of silence at the end of the announcement to give callers time to respond. 

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