FortiVoice Console Download

FortiVoice Console software empowers you to make, monitor and manage phone calls directly from your PC. 

FortiVoice Console is comprised of two parts: Console software used for making calls from one or more PCs (i.e. users), and a central Communications Manager which communicates with the phone system to manage calls. There is only one Communications Manager per phone system, typically maintained by the phone system administrator.

If you are a phone system user (not the system administrator) click here for Console software.

FortiVoice Console Full Installation (for phone system administrators)

Download FortiVoice Console 7.3x

The Communications Manager (i.e. server) must be set up or updated first. Only one instance of the Communications Manager is required to support all clients in a single FortiVoice system location. The Communications Manager can be installed on any computer with access to the system, which meets the PC system specifications. It is strongly recommended that Communications Manager be installed on a computer that runs continuously, as the clients depend on information provided by the Communications Manager.

Installing Communications Manager software

Step 1: Run the Installer for the Communications Manager.


Step 2: Review the End User License Agreement. Select I Agree to accept the terms and proceed.


Step 3: Installation options are presented in subsequent windows. Uncheck any you don't want and click next. 


Step 4: Click Next and Install to proceed.


Step 5: Select your desired shortcut options and click Next.

When installation completes, activate the Run Communications Manager Configuration checkbox, then click Finish.


Configuring Communications Manager

Step 4: When Communications Manager launches, an administration window will appear. In the System IP: field enter the IP address of the FortiVoice system (if multiple units on a LAN use the IP address of unit 1). Click Connect.


Step 5: An activation window will appear. If you have an activation key, paste or type the key code in the Activation Key: field.
You also have the option to Activate a one-time 30-day demo version of Attendant Console, using the Activate Demo button.


Step 6: Once connected to the system, use the Help button for detailed instructions on setting up the Communications Manager for use with the Console clients. You will need to add users and set optional passwords before clients can register.


Step 7: Select the User Permissions tab. Use the Add or Add All button to give extensions access to Console to monitor, make and manage calls.


To assign a password or designate a user as a Console administrator, select the User name and click Properties. A window will appear to permit the necessary changes. Click OK to continue. At least one of the extensions should be designated as an Administrator (typically the phone system Administrator).

Installing and Configuring FortiVoice Console

Step 8: Select the link below to download the software.

Download  Console Client 7.3x 


Step 9: Run the Console installer. The software will search the network to find the Communications Manager for your system.

Step 10: When the client is connected to the Communications Manager a login screen will appear. Enter the extension number of the phone associated to that user, and enter a password (if required). When done, click Connect.

Step 11: A window will open to show the current status of all lines and extensions. Use the menus to select exactly which lines and extensions to view, as well as options for display and notification.

Your FortiVoice Console is now available for phone system users to monitor, make and manage calls.

System requirements

We strongly recommend that you update to the latest available firmware version for your region.

Communications Manager (server) Recommended
     HD: 15MB (available)
     RAM: 1GB
     CPU: Pentium 4 @ 2+ GHz
     Screen: 1024x768, 32-bit True Color
     Network Speed: 256+ Kbits/sec

Console Recommended
      HD: 15MB (available)
      RAM: 512MB
      CPU: Pentium 3 @ 1+ GHz
      Screen: 1024x768, 16-bit Color
      Network Speed: 256+ Kbits/sec

PC Operating System (all versions):
Fully-updated version of Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003.
Fully-updated version of Java Runtime Environment version 6.

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