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Region: United States and Canada

April 8, 2013


The Call Reporting application is composed of 2 components: The Call Collector and Reports applications.

The Call Collector stays connected to the system to poll the call logging data. The Reports component is the application that will be used to generate reports using the data collected from the Call Collector component.

The Call Reporting application can be installed on any computer as long as the system can be reached. If  using the application at multiple geographic locations, you will want to install the Call Collector component on a PC in each location so that proper metering and local currency can be used for accurate reporting purposes.

Step 1: Ensure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements.

Step 2: Download the Call Reporting Application.

Step 3: Run the Call Reporting installer. Follow the instructions displayed at each step. Note: To install Call Reporting on Windows Vista, UAC (User Account Control) must be turned off prior to installation. To turn off UAC, go to the Start menu>Control Panel>User Accounts then go to "Turn User Account Control on or off". Uncheck the box "Use User Account Control (UAC)" and then OK. Re-boot your computer if required. 

Step 4: For any PCs in the office that Reports will be run on, check only Reports to be installed. For the PC (or server) that will run the Call Collector, check both boxes for installation.

Step 5: Click Next to continue with the software install. When completed, click Finish. Important! Download and use the FortiVoice Call Reporting Start Guide .

System requirements

  • PC compatible computer
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating systems.
  • Updated Java Runtime Environment (version 6 update 16 or higher)
  • Windows Vista: 1 GB RAM; Windows XP: 512 MB RAM
  • 100MB Hard Disk Space
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution

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