Voicemail to E-mail

Still picking your voicemail up at your telephone? FortiVoice delivers your messages to your e-mail inbox.

Clickable convenience

How many times a day do you pick up the phone, dial your mailbox and punch your way through the messages? Too many. FortiVoice voicemail to e-mail gives you one-click access to your messages, directly from your computer.

It's easier to store, sort and share your messages the way you want to, and you can check your phone messages and e-mail remotely all at the same time.

After you pick up your first voicemail from your e-mail inbox, you'll never want to go back to the old way.

Save and delete

Save or delete messages in your voicemail inbox without ever touching your phone? Of course! FortiVoice voicemail to e-mail gives you the power to control your voicemail directly from your e-mail program.

Fast, informative notification

Even if you don't want to receive the audio files in your e-mail, you can set FortiVoice to send you an e-mail to let you know who left a message, when and how long it is.

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