Key system functionality with FortiVoice

If you're used to using a key system, you might want to be able to see line status and select a line right on your telephone. No problem.


FortiVoice systems can do that with two of our IP telephones, the TS-9143i and the TS-480i. Each phone has keys you configure to display whether your lines are available or busy, and you access the lines by pressing the keys.


But FortiVoice key system functionality is even better than a key system, because you can configure the keys for more than just line appearance. You can also have the same function for particular extensions; for queued calls to your extension, another extension or a ring group. Or you can set the keys for one-button feature access if you don't need them all for line, extension or queue appearances.


You configure your key settings in the FortiVoice configuration software.



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