Call Queue

An excellent tool for great customer service. Give your callers options to get them out of hold, answer your multiple calls in the order they were received and build sophisticated call groups for speedy customer responses.

A better kind of hold

Nobody likes to be put on hold, so FortiVoice call queue lets you give your callers the choice of staying on hold or getting out. When they're placed on hold, your callers get prompted to leave a voicemail, back up to the previous auto attendant or continue to wait on the line.

First come, first served

If your callers do choose to wait for you, you'll get prompted at your extension with a beep. If multiple callers are waiting, you can answer them in the order they arrived, or cycle through them to decide which call to take first.

Call Queue and Extension Groups

By combining FortiVoice call queue capabilities with extension groups, you can build sophisticated call groups for better customer service. For sales, technical support or other departments with heavy call traffic, call queue ensures that your calls get answered in the order they were received and that callers aren't trapped on hold.

Every 60 seconds callers in the queue hear "Your call is important to us. Please remain on the line. To return to the previous menu, press star." Extensions in a group that become available start ringing within 10 seconds of hanging up their previous call. The delay allows time to make a new call or activate 'Do not Disturb' to log out. When the extension answers, they're prompted to accept the queued call or leave the caller in the queue.

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