User Privileges

FortiVoice gives you complete control over your phone lines and extensions. By setting user privileges, you can rout and block calls based on the type of user. This is also called "class of service". You can automatically place specific types of calls on specific lines and block unauthorized long distance calls from being placed from selected extensions.

Easy set-up

User privileges allows you to set different levels of user and then apply them to employees. Managers may get one set of privileges, while sales staff get another and extensions in the warehouse get a third set. You don't have to set individual privileges for all staff members or phones.

Save money on long distance

Have a phone line or lines with a particularly good long-distance rate? Want to ensure that inter-branch calls use your VoIP connection rather than your traditional lines? You can configure FortiVoice to automatically route certain kinds of outgoing calls over specific lines.

Make sure everyone else is saving money, too

You don't necessarily want everyone in your organization making long-distance calls, so FortiVoice allows you to choose which extensions can and which extensions can't.

Peace of mind

Don't worry; FortiVoice will never block 911 emergency calls.

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