Do I need VoIP for my office?

No, but VoIP might save you money and improve your communication.

If you've been shopping for a phone system, you've probably heard an awful lot about VoIP and how it can make telephone communication less expensive and more effective. That's true to some degree, but it doesn't mean you need VoIP.

Many FortiVoice users don't use VoIP at all, but choose to connect only to the traditional telephone network. If you have one location and don't make many long-distance calls, that might be all you need. If you change your mind, that's okay; you can always add VoIP later.

However, if you have multiple locations, or if you spend a lot on long distance, VoIP might be for you.

How FortiVoice works with VoIP

FortiVoice uses VoIP in two ways:

  1. Connect multiple locations: Whether your other locations are around the corner or around the world, if you have FortiVoice systems in each location you can integrate them directly over the Internet with VoIP. And that means that branch-to-branch calls don't cost a cent. Plus, you can do fancy stuff like seamlessly transferring calls to your Denver office over to your technical support team in, say, Mexico.
  3. Connect to FortiCall VoIP services: FortiCall is the VoIP service tailor-made for FortiVoice. Or, connect to other services. Plenty of service providers are eager to sign you up to their networks, and they can save you a lot of money on long distance calls. See our list of approved service providers.

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