Talkswitch Legacy Support

Looking for answers? The TalkSwitch support FAQs are the best place to start. For FortiVoice, please see FortiCare.

Configuring a FON-360i, 460i or 560i phone? Read the technote.

 Documentation for TalkSwitch products is below.

TalkSwitch VS and VSX systems

Information about VS phone system hardware.

Information about VSX phone system hardware.

The complete handbook to configuring your TalkSwitch system software.

TalkSwitch NLS and LS systems

TalkSwitch NLS and LS User Guide 10th ED v2
The complete handbook to your TalkSwitch system.

TalkSwitch Phones


TalkSwitch Upgrades


TalkSwitch VoIP Service Configuration Guide

TalkSwitch Phone System Software

For information about accessing the latest version of the software, download the
FortiVoice 7.20 software download instructions

Check the compatibility page to see which TalkSwitch systems can run which software versions.

To access a previous release of TalkSwitch software, use the links below.

Older software versions do not support the full feature set offered by the latest release. 

Download 7.11.006 software

Download 6.50.012 software

Download 6.12.092 software

Download 6.11.048 software

Download 6.10.055 software

Download 6.00.077 software

Download 5.00.072 software

Download 4.10.025 software

Download 4.01.014 software

Download 4.00.066 software


Software Updates (3.13)

If you have a network that combines TalkSwitch 48-CA/CVA and 48-NLS units, you must use 3.13 software:

Download 3.13.072 Software (Released Aug. 29, 2005)

Software Updates (2.41)

Download the latest version of the TalkSwitch NLS configuration software.

NOTE: Extract the zipped files, then double-click on the TalkSwitch.exe file to install software release 2.41.

Concero Console application

Download the full Concero Console with communications manager (for administrators).

Download the Concero Console for users.


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